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About Palladyne AI

Welcome to Palladyne AI, where we unleash the power of robotics with our revolutionary AI software platform for the physical world.


In a world where robots are progressing toward human-like adaptability, seamlessly navigating dynamic environments and conquering complex tasks with unparalleled efficiency, Palladyne AI stands as the beacon of innovation toward that future reality. Through our cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) software platform, we are redefining the boundaries of robotics. Our goal is simple: Help companies with autonomy in their robotics operations by addressing key challenges of traditional robotic deployments.

Minimal Training,
Maximized Potential

Our groundbreaking approach empowers machines to observe, learn, reason, and act with unprecedented agility. Gone are the days of high-cost and complex programming and deployment, as well as extensive training regimens and data-intensive models. Palladyne AI enables robots to adapt to new tasks and environments in near real-time, with minimal human demonstration-based training and sensor-based environmental awareness.

Perceive, Comprehend,
and Conquer

By seamlessly integrating multiple internal and external environmental inputs for real-time awareness, our software equips robots with unparalleled ability to comprehend their surroundings. This advanced perception functionality ensures that your robots can resolve challenges, maintain safety, and operate efficiently and confidently, even in the most complex, unstructured, and dynamic environments.

Real-Time Learning
and Reasoning

Palladyne AI makes real-time learning and reasoning a reality, empowering robots to make AI-enabled decisions without persistent connectivity to the cloud. This local, edge-computing approach reduces latency and ensures uninterrupted operations, even in the most remote or connectivity-challenged environments.

Across Industries

Our platform is designed to work seamlessly with most commercial robots available today, revolutionizing industries including industrial manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, defense, infrastructure maintenance and repair, energy, aerospace, and aviation. 

A Legacy of Innovation
and Expertise

With a foundation of over 30 years of robotics experience, Palladyne AI has evolved into a comprehensive solution that encompasses observation, learning, reasoning, and action – the cornerstones of true robotic intelligence.

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Join us as we redefine possibilities in the world of robotics and propel your operations into the future. Interested in learning more about the Palladyne AI breakthrough software for robotics environments? 

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