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Unleash the Power of Robotics
with the Palladyne AI Robotic Software Platform

Palladyne AI unveils transformative capabilities that are redefining the boundaries of robotics.

Minimal Training,
Maximized Potential

Gone are the months of extensive training regimens and data-intensive models. At the core of the Palladyne AI robotic software platform lies a groundbreaking approach that empowers machines to observe, learn, reason, and act with unprecedented agility — requiring minimal training time, limited data sets, and lower computational and power requirements.

Hardware agnostic and designed to work with most commercial robots being sold today, our platform brings AI to the edge, empowering them to quickly adapt and adjust to environmental or task variances without reprogramming.

The Palladyne AI Robotic Software Platform

A real-time, closed-loop, autonomy framework for enabling machines to observe, learn, reason, and act like humans.

Perceive, Comprehend, and Conquer

Palladyne AI equips robots with real-time environmental awareness by integrating diverse inputs, enabling them to navigate complex environments confidently and execute tasks precisely without extensive retraining or reliance on large databases.

Real-Time Learning & Reasoning

Palladyne AI empowers robots with real-time reasoning and adaptation without constant cloud connectivity, fostering autonomy and resilience in dynamic environments. This local edge-computing approach ensures seamless adaptability, reducing costs and latency for uninterrupted operations, even in remote settings.

Industry-Wide Adoption

Palladyne AI’s software platform seamlessly integrates with most commercial robots, promising revolutionary impacts across industries like manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, aviation, construction, defense, and logistics. It unlocks unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and safety enhancements.

The Foundation of Robotic Intelligence

Through meticulous development and continuous refinement, our platform has evolved into a comprehensive solution that encompasses observation, learning, reasoning, and action – the cornerstones of true robotic intelligence.





A Legacy of Innovation
and Expertise

Our vision for our AI Robotic Platform began in 2017 drawing from a foundation of over 30 years of robotics hardware and software experience. Our vision has crystallized into a platform that transcends hardware limitations, empowering robotic systems to thrive in tasks involving environmental variations and object manipulation.

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SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Palladyne AI Corp. (“Palladyne AI” and formerly Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation) (Nasdaq: PDYN and PDYNW and…

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By enabling autonomy, reducing programming complexity, and enhancing efficiency, we are paving the way for a future where machines can excel in tasks that were once considered beyond their reach. We’re setting the stage for unparalleled advancements in automation and machine intelligence. Join us as we redefine possibilities in the world of robotics and propel your operations into the future.